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    What We Are

    We are a human powered file sharing network with our own virtual currency called BITs. You can buy files from other members or sell files to other members for BITs. You can also trade files directly or share files for free to build up your cred in the community.

    By “files” I mean everything from original content you’ve created (see our Patronage sub-forum) to pirated content. I mean movies, pornography, ebooks, scraped youtube channels, pirated software, books you’ve scanned, DVDs you’ve ripped or whatever other digital media someone else might possibly want. I openly encourage novel file-sharing ideas. Good ones will be given their own permanent sub-forums. Visit the README threads in both the Free Shit sub-forum and the File Exchange sub-forum to learn exactly how to go about offering or requesting files.

    By “human powered” I mean that everyone manually maintains their own private file collections on their own hard drives and they share files directly with each other. I do NOT provide file hosting services or facilitate file transfers. Members make their own private arrangements outside of for sending files directly to each other. Doing things manually and directly is a habit I want to build upon as a core value of this community.

    What I provide:

    • A venue for file sharers to advertise, make file requests or share free stuff
    • A regulated virtual currency to encourage file sharing
    • A sandbox and platform for anyone interested in expanding the scope of how our currency is used
    • I might choose to maintain a searchable directory of what files are available from what members
    • Enforcement of protocols that guarantee this community remains a human powered network

    On this last point, there are a few rules:

    • BITs are the only allowable currency for doing business directly on these forums. The only exception is the Currency Exchange sub-forum. Otherwise you may not request or offer payment in cryptocurrencies, credit cards, blow jobs, etc. There is a slight exception if you want to advertise your own paywall website on the forums. It’s fine if your website accepts other anonymous forms of payment like cryptocurrencies. However it must STILL accept BITs, charge the same price in BITs and display a BIT payment option with equal visibility to other payment options.
    • To sell files you are REQUIRED to provide some type of anonymous p2p file sharing option for sending the requested files to other members. You must list on your profile page exactly what file sharing software you use. You are REQUIRED to prove to me upon request that you are in fact using the software you say you’re using. In addition to this you are ALLOWED to use certain third-party web-based platforms if a user ASKS for you to send files to them in this way. Any such platform must provide normal download speeds, not use popups and not force users to navigate through several pages in order to reach the download link. Preferably it should also not require user registration but this is not a requirement. Using any of these web-based platforms does not absolve you of your responsibility to offer at least one p2p file sharing option.
    • The same rules as above also apply when two members agree to directly trade files with each other.
    • Ad-supported file hosting services are forbidden for anything other than FREE file sharing. DO NOT use these services to send files to members who have paid you for these files with BITs. DO NOT agree to have a file sent to you in this manner if you have paid for it with BITs. You will both be banned for doing this. Report any member who tries to send you a file in this way unless it was sent to you for free.
    • You ARE allowed to share files for FREE using ad-supported file-hosting services. You may also advertise links to any FREE content you’ve uploaded to platforms such as boorus, image galleries, video sharing sites, document sharing sites, torrents, your own personal website, an FTP server, etc. The only conditions are that people must not be required to register, divulge personal information or install any special software in order to access your files. Doing these things will result in either a warning or a ban. You MAY share free files as a means of advertising ie: giving out freebies but including links to higher quality premium content, so long as this “premium content” is payable in BITs.
    • Do NOT offer or ask for BITs in exchange for sexual depictions of minors, any sort of illegal activity, or for contraband (other than pirated digital contraband because FUCK the DMCA). Ignore this rule and you will be banned.

    Our Currency

    I define one BIT as 1/1000 the value of the US Dollar in 1913, or roughly 2.5 cents. Go here to get the exact figure. You cannot earn or spend BITs when you first register because your balance limit will be set to zero. To earn higher balance limits you have to prove that you can contribute quality content to the forums. For starters you can do this on the Free Shit sub-forum.

    There are other ways to earn higher balance limits. You can help new members learn the ropes, write helpful tutorials on file sharing and related topics or donate Bitcoins to help cover hosting costs. For other opportunities, lurk and listen. Nothing is 100% guaranteed to result in a higher balance limit because I have to make sure people aren’t gaming the system and also that I don’t inflate the currency. But in general if you’re an active member who contributes to the over-all quality of the community you’ll be rewarded.

    Other Ways To Earn And Spend BITs

    File sharing will be a the main market for trading BITs. It is the perfect engine for driving our virtual economy because there is an inexhaustable demand for file sharing. You’ll notice in the Business sub-forums some other ways that you can use BITs. I’ve also written an article on ways they could be used once we have a more well-established community.

    Members are encouraged to experiment with new ways of using the currency.

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