Sex dolls could actually be a good thing for sex workers

MGTOWs & some other parts of what’s collectively called the “manosphere” have been belly laughing over this one:

Sex doll brothel forced to close by law

Apparently some sex workers weren’t too happy when a sex doll “brothel” opened up in their neighborhood. The brothel had to relocate because local prostitutes didn’t like the competition.

But I don’t think these two industries need to be at odds with each other. I see potential here for sex workers and sex doll brothels to help each other out.

First of all sex dolls are really just an intermediate step towards developing walking, talking sex robots:

You might think sex robots would be an even bigger competitive threat than sex dolls.

But one of the big problems with a sex robot is creating a realistic artificial intelligence. Who would actually feel any kind of chemistry with something that has a personality like Siri: “Oh. Oh. Baby. Fuck-me. Oh. Yes.” You’d be better off just fucking an inanimate sex doll and using your imagination.

And then there are other subtle aspects of intelligence like being spontaneous, taking initiative during sex instead of just laying there passively, being able to pick up on subtle cues about her partner like whether he’s about to cum, etc. A.I. just isn’t up to the job.

Prostitutes on the other hand have to worry about STDs and also about loosing clients as they get older.

But what if a sex worker could remotely control a sex robot using her own body movements in order to have virtual sex with her clients? The technology already exists and could easily be applied to sex robotics.

A sex worker would wear an occulus rift for audiovisual feedback from the robots eyes and ears. Motion capture cameras would translate her movements into the sex robots movements and her voice would be altered by audio software to sound like the voice chosen for the sex robot.

You could even take things a step further. She’d definitely have to be fucking a male sex robot herself while she does all this. How else would it even work? Air humping? So sensors would be embedded into the male sex robot to pick up on things that the cameras can’t see. When she gives a blow-job and works her tongue in a certain way, it would be picked up by the sensors in the male sexbot’s penis and transmitted along to the client.

This way sex robot manufacturers could bridge the artificial intelligence gap, prostitutes and their clients could have 100% safe sex and sex workers could stop worrying about loosing clients as they age because looks wouldn’t matter any more.

This means even land whales will finally have a chance to be appreciated for their “great personalities”.

Just take one of these:

And hook it up to one of these: