This is a file sharing forum that runs on a virtual currency called BITS. You can spend BITs to buy files from other members or earn BITs by selling files to other members. You may also use BITs however the fuck else you want to use them. Entrepreneur wannabes may use my forums for whatever hare-brained money-making retarded shit they want. If it catches on then I’ll give it its own forum section.

I’ve pegged the value of one BIT to 1/1000 the value of the US Dollar in 1913 or about 2.5 cents. Just go here if you want to be autistically precise about it.

To use BITs you have to register and wait for me to activate your account. I’ll send you a personal email once everything’s ready. You don’t get free BITs just for registering so don’t bother making a bunch of dummy accounts.

Next prove that you deserve some BITs by contributing content to the forums. Start by introducing yourself and then read the stickies to get an idea of what we’re looking for. Start here. Once I see that you’re serious about contributing you’ll be given a higher balance limit and some BITs to play around with.

There is no specific guaranteed way to earn higher balance limits because it’s too easy for people to game the system. You can write helpful tutorials or create other kinds of original content that the community wants, support the site with Bitcoins, help new members learn the ropes, etc. Basically if you contribute to the over-all quality of the community you’ll be rewarded.

Or not.

Fuck You.